Finishing What We Started.

14 months. It’s been 14 months since YOU – anyone who donated, supported, prayed for me – helped me go to Zimbabwe and dig a borehole (or well for water) for the students and community of Hwata Secondary School.

I’m grateful for the money donated for the 2015 project (over seven-thousand dollars). This money has gone to good use – thousands of residents of Muzarabani NOW drink clean water everyday thanks to generous people like you. So thank you.


…But one borehole isn’t enough. It’s a great start, but there is still MORE to be done.

With your help, I’m going back to Zimbabwe this December.

It’s not going to be cheap, but here’s the good news.

If WE (you and me, we) do this right, we can turn Hwata Secondary School into a self-sustaining, stable school that will lead to other schools and projects being helped.

The students of Hwata need more water.

The students of Hwata need a garden.


Perhaps most importantly, the students of Hwata need hope.

I haven’t forgotten them.

I hope you haven’t either.




Founder of TineVimbo Inc.


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