Drooling blood & other reflections from 2015

1661050_10153155788601493_2214824874656115041_nOk, so yeah, I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out around noon today, I am on some heavy painkillers, and I’m probably going to fall asleep anytime soon. But I want to write before my brain shuts down.

So yes, I am currently, unattractively, drooling blood and water out of my semi-numb lips.

But, in other news…


2015 was AMAZING!

Water. Education. Building up schools. In my home country!!!

God is great. And I’ve been blessed with some amazing friends who helped make it possible!

17Thank you SO SO SO MUCH to everyone who donated, prayed for me on my trip, and those who continue to support TineVimbo and it’s mission 🙂

(Wonder what I’m talking about? Check any of my past posts about my 3-weeks spent in Zimbabwe this past June. Such a life altering experience).


2015 was AMAZING!

17Notice, I said amazing. Not perfect.

I made a lot of mistakes with TineVimbo, the non-profit.

One thing I learned is that next time, I need to do things WAY more in advanced.

And going into 2016, TineVimbo now has a TEAM – 3 of us so far – to work with! Hallelujah!

Which is why, this is me telling you, unofficially/officially – WE (me and some of y’all reading this) are going BACK to Zimbabwe in June 2016.


Don’t believe me, just watch 😉

Stay tuned to this blog and facebook.com/vimbotinevimbo for updates,

& keep your eyes open for our new website launching January 2016!